Fast Food Slowly Kills You


Fast Food Slowly Kills You

friesHow many times do you consume fast food in a week? For some, they consume 3 times a week while others consume it every day. We keep on eating and making unhealthy food choices every day despite our knowledge that these foods are unhealthy. Most people would probably answer, we eat fast food because we don’t have time to cook our own food and will have more time finding beauty deals online. They also believe that fast food is cheaper compared to a restaurant which makes it a good decision on their I Amsterdam card. It could be true; however, you have no idea how fast food affects your body.

Chemicals Used for Mass Production

Did you know that there was a big fast food chain who was found guilty for using bleach in their burgers? They used bleach to clean the cow’s stomach (a cow’s part which normally being used for pet food – not a premium cut) to remove the harmful bacteria because this cut is not fit for human consumption. There were researches about the use of TBHQ in food also. This chemical is found in most fast food chain restaurants. They use this preservative to prolong the shelf life of their meat. But this chemical is bad for the body. Do you still think of fast food as delicious? Think again.

Why Fast Food is Addictive?

Fast food is loaded with msg and salt. The fancy smell you get as soon as you enter their doorstep come from artificial preservative and flavors full of salt. The salt found in one serving could supply your whole day’s sodium requirement. It is highly advisable to avoid fast food when you are already suffering from UTI and kidney stone. It could escalate the condition fast. You think you are saving money by choosing the alternative with a voucher code for mobile app, but the truth is you are speeding your way to the hospital.

Loads of Unhealthy Fat

Eating at fast food chains is not an Amsterdam Heineken experience on a hop on hop off bus at all. You are filling your body with loads of animal fat. If you love fries, this might be bad news for you. Fast food chains use animal fat to make their products tastier; however, they are unhealthy fat the could clog your veins.