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Good news. We are now offer catering services. There is no occasion too big or too small. We’ll make sure that everyone at your party or event will have hot, nutritious and delicious food to eat. You can even choose whether you pick up the meal or have them delivered at your doorstep. It will be your own dinner cruise amsterdam. Our catering services are perfect for any event. If you want to take off the pressure of cooking on your shoulders, call on Wapen Van Ameide.

Customize Your Meals

We give our customers the freedom to choose combinations. For example, you like our Bolognese along with herbed steak, you’ll get what you want. The price varies depending on combinations but rests assured that quotations and prices are reasonable and give the best value for your money.

Get More Special Deals

We appreciate you for choosing us to do the catering for your special event. For that reason, we want to give back by giving you special discounts and voucher codes. You can use them on your next visit to the restaurant. You can even give them to your family and friends as gift cards. Aside from great deals, you’ll earn a special place in our hearts. We are forever grateful to all our loyal customers who continuously patronize the business. Our grandmother Gretta told us one sunny day, “treat your customers right, and they’ll become your loyal friends.” She was right. Thank you for being our friend.

Reserve a Date

Aside from catering, we also accept hosting services. You can host your party at our warm, cosy restaurant. If you make a reservation ahead of time, we can even decorate the place according to the theme of your choice.